We deliver and modernize our services to accelerate
your digital transformation and your business results.

Xpetize Product Engineering (XPE) offers products that creates a new benchmark in today’s changing era. We help customers with product engineering solutions across all industries. We develop smart products for global clients, the process covers from designing to bring it to market. Our expert professionals leverage new technologies such as IoT, cloud, virtualization and artificial intelligence to deliver end to end engineering R &D. Our strong engineering and deep knowledge help us to create an impact on the way enterprises do business in an ever-changing world.

Product Engineering Centre of Excellence

Product Development

Xpetize build products which will stand the test of time as well as provide your customers with consistent and outstanding business value. We test concepts’ viability in market settings by scaling them up via the MVP and EVP stages.

Product Innovation Strategy

We will put your ideas to the test in a holistic way, allowing you to create a solid, market-ready product that is well ahead of the competition. To guarantee there are no blind spots, we use a variety of analytical methodologies, such as SWOT Analysis.

Custom Product Engineering

Our experts will work on your brief and start working on your ideas right from scratch to final product launch in the market.

Product Maintenance & Support

Our product maintenance programme includes feature enhancements and bug fixes. We also provide extended maintenance and support to your customers for chat, email, Helpdesk Solutions, and other platforms.

Product Re-engineering & Modernization

Our consultants will enable you in achieving your goal of incorporating the most up-to-date and popular features into your product, allowing it to become the product of the future.

Product Testing

Prepare your products for market delivery by optimising them. Our product testers use the most up-to-date technologies and frameworks to evaluate your product’s suitability in various market scenarios and collaborate closely with your internal product team to ensure a smooth launch.


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