The retail industry is digitally transforming to meet customer’s ever-changing demands and to adopt operational efficiency through emerging technologies. As it grows, retailers face challenges in retail operations. To convert the brick and mortar store into a real strength, using the multiple channels that the consumers have at their disposal and by providing a cohesive buying experience. Today's consumer cannot be more tech savvy. They want mobile shopping, personalized customer experience, social integration and instant gratification.


At Xpetize, we understand your needs and provide you innovative retail technology solutions. We help you to build more convenient, connected and unparalleled shopping experience for your customers. Our retail solutions will make you understand your customer’s unique needs. We facilitate various retail services including In-store customer experience, mobility, data mining, responsive supply chain, merchandising science and channel convergence.

We serve in different segments


Speciality Retail

If you are a specialty retailer, the greatest competition you face is from exclusive brands, mass merchants and online retailers. Your win in your niche is decided by how uniquely you can position yourselves and provide a personalized customer service and customer experience based on the analytical insights you get from their purchase data. It boils down to having the right merchandise, right inventory and to be in the right place in front of your customer when the need your product.


Health and Wellness

Today grocery retailers are entering the market that was once confined to a small group of traditional health food retailers. Health foods and supplements have become big business and there is a significant shift in shoppers’ attitude towards healthier food. This segment is seeing a strong growth and retailers are finding ways to engage with the customer and earn their trust by delivering information about how their health relates to what they are consuming.


Department Stores

In today’s competitive marketplace shopper loyalty is difficult to earn and even harder to retain. Demand for personalization, convenient and unparalleled shopping experience is the need of the hour. We help you with the tools needed for simplifying supply chain, meeting changing needs and maximizing customer service and profits amid growing competition. Solutions ranging from loyalty, CRM, workforce management solutions, POS, next-generation customer touchpoints like personal shopping assistants, kiosks, digital signage and an Omni-channel view across social and mobile media.


Grocery and General Merchandise

Grocery and general merchandisers compete on volume. It becomes hyper critical to optimize the supply chain for real time inventory, visibility and replenishment. Knowing the pulse of the customers using new solutions based on social, mobile, analytics and cloud provide information to optimize the supply chain with the right products and promotions and to ensure that all steps are taken to keep the shoppers loyal. Rapid solutions to implement new business model is the new norm and using multiple channels to provide personalized shopping experience is the key to win the volume game.



The drive for any fashion and apparel retailer is to become the top of the mind destination in the customer’s mind. Understanding the nuances of customer behavior and having a targeted approach helps retailers with giving Customers personalized one-on-one relationship on a large scale.

We can help you with custom retail solutions