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At Xpetize, we recognize the opportunities opened up by this new technological age very early on. For industry 4.0, we are designing products and services, projecting their applications into the future.

Xpetize IoT Product Xpetics is an example of Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution takes the automation of manufacturing processes to a new level by introducing customized and flexible mass production technologies.This means that machines will operate independently, or cooperate with humans in creating a customer-oriented production field that constantly works on maintaining itself.


The design principles allow manufactures to investigate a potential transformation to Industry 4.0 technologies. Based on the components above,the following are the design principles.


Objects, machines and people need to be able to communicate through the Internet of Things and the Internet of People. This is the most essential principle that truly makes a factory a smart one.


CPSs must be able to simulate and create a virtual copy of the real world. CPSs must also be able to monitor objects existing in the surrounding environment. Simply put, there must be a virtual copy of everything.


The ability of CPSs to work independently. This gives room for customized products and problem solving. This also creates a more flexible environment for production. In cases of failure or having conflicting goals, the issue is delegated to a higher level.


Our flagship IIoT product XPETICS can be customized and implemented across your manufacturing /engineering to increase efficiency up to 90%, enhance predictive maintenance, Factory floor optimization and reduce downtime .With the number of networked sensors increasing across production, supply chains and products, manufacturers are beginning to tap into a new generation of systems that enables real-time, automatic interactions among machines, systems, assets and things.

The pervasiveness of connected devices is finding applicability across multiple segments of manufacturing and Supply chain throughout the value chain. Xpetics will focus on this function.

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