IOT is Hard, But We make it Easy


Xpetics addresses miniaturization needs for OEMs, enables out-of-the-box connectivity for IoT devices, and delivers solutions to manage the network's quality of service.


We take care about your sites as you do. We never leave you with your problem.We take care about your sites as you do. We never leave you with your problem.


Empower the machine with IoT. Enabled predictive maintenance-Stay proactive and avoid the unexpected machine intelligence based on advanced analytics and IoT solution.


Xpetics helps customers to enable innovative business models through embedded licensing, and quicker time-to-market with an application enablement platform.

Meet the only all-in-one IoT platform on the market.

Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution takes the automation of manufacturing processes to a new level by introducing customized and flexible mass production technologies.

This means that machines will operate independently, or cooperate with humans in creating a customer-oriented production field that constantly works on maintaining itself.

Xpetize IoT Product Xpetics is an example of Industry 4.0

At Xpetize, we recognized the opportunities opened up by this new technological age very early on. For industry 4.0, we are designing products and services, projecting their applications into the future. Xpetize IoT Product Xpetics is an example of Industry 4.0.Our flagship IIoT product XPETICS can be customized and implemented across your manufacturing /engineering to increase efficiency up to 90%..

our customers and IoT Technology partners


Digital is all about Unifying connected devices, data, insights and people to data intelligence and executing critical business outcomes that matters.

It opens new areas for enterprises by Identifying opportunities for sustainable, profitable growth and continuously optimizing business models. Enterprises can improve asset reliability, lower operational costs, reduce risk and accelerate operational performance. Digital also means putting a customer, device, enterprise and analytics at the epicenter of real business process and improve customers experience and engagement. It also impacts how an enterprise innovate, invent and invest for creating value for their stakeholders.

Enterprises can create immense value from the digital information that surrounds people, organizations and devices It means creating value by uniting the physical world to the virtual one seamlessly by using the right data science, devices, design and business strategy. It helps in streamlining existing processes, augmenting current operations, creating new capabilities—and inspiring digital thinking at the deepest levels of your company.